Peer Support Service

Newly Diagnosed Peer pod

What is a Peer Pod?

The MS-UK Peer Support Service has been developed to create an online community for people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) to connect with others that share a common interest, in a positive and supportive space.


This MS support group community is comprised of individual ‘Peer Pods’ that have either been formed around a common interest theme, or simple drop-in sessions that have no set topic and just provide a safe space to talk.

The Peer Pods are online groups that are open to anyone living with MS. They hold regular sessions via Zoom, and are facilitated by a volunteer Peer Supporter, who lives with the condition themselves, so able to relate to anyone that joins them.

There are several Peer Pods to choose from throughout the week, and they all vary so you’re welcome to try as many as you like! There’s no need to book a session or let us know in advance if you plan to attend, and there’s no obligation to attend every time. We simply wish to provide as many opportunities for social connection as we can, so that those in need of support always have somewhere they can turn to.

We understand how isolating it can be to live with a challenging condition, but we have seen first hand what a difference it can make to be able to meet others and feel seen, heard, and supported by those that truly understand.

If you are interested in trying any of our Peer Pods, please fill out our Peer Pod enquiry form, and Vicky, our Peer Support Coordinator will be in touch with information on how to join.

In the meantime, please read our Peer Pod guidelines. These just outline the general etiquette we like to see within our sessions to ensure that the pods remain a safe and pleasant space for everyone involved.

Interested in joining a Peer Pod? Find out more from one of our Peer Pod volunteers Amanda by watching this video!