Chair yoga for ms

Chair yoga sessions

Chair yoga is a practice of simple exercises that you can do daily to help move, strengthen and stretch your body while expanding your breath and calming your mind, free from the everyday ‘chitter-chatter’.

We have two classes every week which are structured to offer accessibility for anyone affected by multiple sclerosis (MS). Each class is approximately 40 minutes long and includes yoga practice, guided meditation, breathing techniques and central practices at the end of each class. You don’t need to have attended classes before, as you can attend your first class at any time. Each class is structured in a way that allows each movement to be adapted to suit your level of mobility.

The classes will be held every Wednesday from 11:15am. Please see below the timings for the classes and a description of the two levels of classes available

  • Level one (11:15am – 12pm) will focus on exercises from a seated position. This class would benefit someone with core weakness and limited upper limb movement
  • Level two (12:15pm – 1pm) will focus on exercise in both a seated position and in standing, using the chair for stability. This class is for those who can transfer and stand independently

Please bring with you water, a tea towel and use a firm chair to do the exercise from (e.g. dining chair without arms).

Please note – The timings of our chair yoga classes change to a later start of 2pm once a month. All other classes will be at the usual times listed above, but one class in the month will take place at 2pm and will only include a level one class.

We will still be recording the class, so if you are unable to make it on the day, the link to the recording will be shared afterwards. Click the sign-up button below to view all upcoming classes.

To join one of our classes, please visit our portal area to register. We have a subscription covering monthly and yearly options that allow access to all our online activities, plus an option to donate per class. The donations are important to ensure we can deliver and sustain online classes in the future.

If you would like to know more about the session or need help registering, please email

About Tracy

Tracy is a fully qualified and experienced British Wheel of Yoga Teacher. She has been teaching yoga for over 15 years to many students of varying abilities. Over the years Tracy has worked with many people and families facing challenges, including people with MS and also people living with or recovering from many other conditions.

One of Tracy’s passions in teaching yoga is to ensure that everyone can benefit and to teach techniques that can be added to their own ‘wellbeing toolkit’ to use anytime they would like.

Tracy says “Yoga is not just for bendy, flexible people as is sometimes wrongly portrayed in the media. It is an all-round approach to keep us all moving, to help us with our strength and flexibility, in body and in mind, to help us to focus and concentrate, to help us find peace and contentment, to help us find joy and balance our emotions.”

It is a way to connect body, mind and soul, and the word ‘yoga’ literally means ‘to yoke’ or bind together all aspects of ourselves to enhance our wellbeing and bring about a feeling of joy and bliss.

Tracy runs Summerhouse Yoga & Wellbeing in Horsham, West Sussex, which she set up in 2010. She offers online yoga, yoga for beginners, hatha yoga, seated yoga, private tuition, workshops and the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) Foundation Course for serious yoga students. She has been a BWY Teacher since 2007. You can find out more about Tracy at

See what participants had to say

“I learnt how to visualise and enhance my awareness of how both sides of my body move which really helps with my weak right side. I’m using that knowledge to help my left side ‘teach’ my right side how to improve.”
“The classes had a good range of exercises that were targeted to my needs. Tracy was challenging and supportive.”
“I wanted to try yoga to see if it brought benefits in mindfulness, flexibility and core control, as well as seeing what else yoga could bring. The classes did all of this and more, making me eager to continue learning.”

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