MS therapy centres

MS-UK have put together an interactive map of therapy centres in the British Isles.

To zoom in double click on the site you want to zoom into with the left mouse button, alternatively press the + button on the map
To zoom out double click with the right mouse button or press the – button on the map
To move around the map hold down the left mouse button and drag the map around the screen.

If you would like to amend or add any details on this map, please contact us.

Whilst every effort has been made to place markers accurately, the location shown indicates the correct street or the correct complex but not always the exact location of services.

MS-UK does not endorse any of the products or services shown on this website. These are presented as products or services that are available on today’s open market and it is the responsibility of the reader to access the accuracy and appropriateness of these products or services. By clicking on the links you will be leaving the MS-UK website.

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