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Information sessions with Dr Gretchen Hawley

Posture and core

Monday 25 September at 2pm

Our next information session with Dr Gretchen Hawley will focus on the importance of good posture and the link with core strength.

Focusing first on posture, we will take a look on how improving common postural holding patterns in standing and sitting results in better function for daily activities and other benefits such as increased respiratory and bowel function.

Corrective exercise, including the use of stretching helps individuals to move and feel better in their daily life. Different types of stretching techniques used together with strengthening exercises will help promote good posture, reduce muscle imbalances caused by poor posture habits and address movement compensations associated with MS.

We will then take a look at core strength and its relationship with posture, demonstrating engagement and movement-based exercises that will help with core activation and stability. Good core strength results in reduced fatigue, efficiency and improved quality of movement for everyday tasks.

Dr Hawley will be explaining what muscle structures are involved, how they help maintain better postural holding and contribute to the stability of the spine in different positions. Dr Gretchen will describe how this plays a significant role with MS and how it impacts on dynamic movements such as walking, standing and completing everyday tasks such as reaching, brushing our teeth, lifting our leg or simply sitting.

Session overview

  • Identifying poor postural positions and the impact on function
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises to promote better posture
  • Identifying muscles that become dominant and take over the stabilising role leading to back pain and muscle imbalance/weaknesses
  • Engagement of core muscles through exercises in lying, sitting and standing positions
  • Q and A at the end of the session

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The information sessions with Dr Gretchen Hawley, will not only answer those questions, but they’ll leave you feeling empowered and informed. You’ll understand the process your brain goes through to create new neural connections, resulting in improved strength and movement. You’ll also learn appropriate exercises and techniques to improve your balance and muscle tightness, leading to better function in your day-to-day activities.

About Dr Hawley

A Doctor of Physical Therapy, with years of clinical practice experience, Gretchen is a Physical Therapist and Multiple Sclerosis Certified Specialist through the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centres based in the USA.

She has a special interest in the management and wellness of MS patients, and presents as the Keynote Speaker at numerous MS events including Living Well with MS events sponsored by the MS Society in addition to MS Views & News. Other collaborations include national MS organisations, including the National MS Society, MS Association of America, and MS Foundation. Additionally, Dr Gretchen shares her expertise to MS support groups, podcasts, and on her own YouTube and social media channels.

If you would like to know more about Dr Hawley please visit our website to see Dr Hawley’s previous blog or visit Dr Hawley’s website The MSing Link

Just a note to say how inspiring I found this presentation to be. Having had MS for approx 30 years. I must admit to feeling fairly sceptical that I would hear anything new. In fact, it wasn’t so much that this was all definitely new, but it was the way it was conveyed to people like me. I think it took away a continual feeling of failure and replaced it with a new mindset – Chris
A really excellent presentation. Incredibly informative and made so much sense
I thought yesterday’s presentation was fantastic. The Dr was inspiring and enlightened me to things I’ve being doing not quite right for years. I certainly took a lot away from it and thoroughly enjoyed listening – Pam
Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated Gretchen’s talk on neuroplasticity this week. I had rather given up on exercise as not really helping me (I am in my 70’s) but Gretchen’s advice has motivated me to try again and try better. So, I am resuming my exercises and paying more attention to carrying them out correctly. She was spot on about the need to change one’s mindset too. I do equate walking with fatigue and difficulty and should endeavour to get out of this negative thinking cycle