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MS Symptoms

No two people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) experience it the same way, and symptoms of MS can be unpredictable and vary from person to person. The type and severity of symptoms will also be affected by whether people are tired, hot, fighting infection or just feeling ‘under the weather’.

MS symptoms

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What causes MS symptoms?
In multiple sclerosis, the protective covering of the central nervous system – myelin – is attacked and damaged, causing interruption to the usual flow of impulses along nerve fibres. Because this damage occurs at various sites, the symptoms each person experiences can vary enormously. These areas of damaged myelin are referred to as ‘lesions’ or ‘plaques’.

Sometimes damage is temporary and the body is able to make a partial repair but at other times the damage is more severe and becomes permanent. Below you will find a list of common symptoms that people with multiple sclerosis may experience. Remember, there are treatments to help manage almost all of them.

Not everyone with MS will experience all of these symptoms and many of them will improve during periods of remission. Above all, remember you don’t have to simply put up with MS symptoms. Almost all can be treated, so don’t suffer in silence! Talk to your GP, neurologist or MS nurse about any symptoms that are causing you problems.

Choices leaflets

We have Choices leaflets about particular symptoms such as fatigue and visual symptoms. Read more today.

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