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Read Lisa's story

I have relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (MS). I have so many symptoms. I get a lot of pain, and I trip and fall quite often. At times my head is full of mush. I am not able to multitask – I forget the simplest instructions and find I have to continually talk myself through everything.

I was given the news that I had MS over the phone last year in June, when human care and contact was perhaps at its lowest due to the pandemic.

I felt helpless, despondent, and teary. I was alone and alienated.

After a couple of months, the local MS nurse gave me information about MS-UK, and then the game changed.

Now, suddenly, I was able to meet up with others out there who were experiencing similar things to me, both physically and mentally. I found

large spaces of love and gratitude within this new community.

It sounds strange, but I cannot express how liberating this was. The fear of what might happen, the grim fight of

acceptance within, the feeling of vulnerability and sometimes the utter darkness were pins blown apart by the ball of MS-UK.

I attended my first Peer Pod to meet others, and in the space of a year, I have attended all the MS-UK Online courses and information sessions I’ve been able to.

Two of my favourites have been a poetry course with Georgi Gill, and an introduction to Tai Chi. I’ve also been on some awesome introduction to meditation courses – I love them!

I truly believe that there is a gift in everything. Sometimes it’s blooming hard to find it, or to figure out what on earth is going down. MS-UK has helped me connect with others, stay positive and find the space inside that is peaceful. Now, there’s a gift.

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