Live streaming

Do you have a particular skill that you could share with others by live streaming?

This is a great way to fundraise for MS-UK, as you could ask for people to donate in return for watching your stream, learning something new or even taking part in something that you set up! It’s also a great way to get friends together and have some fun during these challenging times!

Set up your live stream using Facebook, Instagram, Zoom or even WhatsApp video call. There are so many options to choose from. Feel free to contact the fundraising team to talk through what would be the best option for you.

Here are some ideas that we have for you to live stream, we’d love to hear your ideas!

Ideas to host your fundraising livestream


Do you have a bit of a talent for singing? Or maybe you can play an instrument! Set up a concert from your living room and ask for donations in return. You could even set up a karaoke competition and ask others to get involved too!


Organise a dance class! Pick a song and create your own dance routine, then ask for donations for people to join your dance class and learn the routine together!

Party time!

Who needs to hit the clubs when you can party at home! Set up your own party playlist on Spotify and share this with your friends, then set up a group call on Zoom and party the night away together. Maybe you can create your own cocktail menu to share with your friends, and then you can enjoy these together – virtually!


Invite your friends or clients to a fitness class. This could be yoga, Zumba, circuits, or Pilates. If you already do this as a job then this is a great way to keep engaged with your clients and help people to remain active whilst staying at home, at the same time as raising money for MS-UK!


Do you have younger family members that you miss spending time with? Why don’t you sponsor them to read to you, challenge them to learn a book and then FaceTime them so they can read to you. They can set up a fundraising page and ask friends and family members to sponsor them. Alternatively, you could arrange to read them a bedtime story!