Cooking challenge

Are tired of being the cook of the house? Why not challenge a member of your family to take charge of the kitchen? Maybe you are well known for your lack of culinary skills and want to take this opportunity to find your inner chef?

Or maybe you are already a pro in the kitchen and want to share your skills with others? A cooking for charity challenge sounds like it might be for you!

Follow the easy steps below to set up your cooking challenge, and help to raise money for MS-UK at the same time! We have even created a simple recipe for you to try!

  1. Decide how you will showcase your challenge. Will you livestream it on Facebook or Instagram? Maybe you will film yourself in action and then edit it into a video to share after?
  2. Decide how you will fundraise and set up a JustGiving page here
  3. Set a date to take on your challenge and spread the news! Social media is great for this, so tell the world! Don’t forget to share your fundraising page and tell everyone that you are supporting MS-UK! Top tip – If you tag us into your social media posts we will share these too!
  4. Decide on a recipe. You could be as adventurous or as simple as you like, remember it is your challenge and you know what you are trying to achieve! If you are stuck for ideas, feel free to have a go at our Creamy Chicken Pasta recipe! Top tip – make sure you have all of the necessary ingredients before you get started!
  5. Time to get this show on the road! Live stream or film yourself in action, and show us what you can do! Remember to tell everyone during the challenge that you are fundraising and remind people to donate!
  6. Tuck in and enjoy your success! Make sure you take photos of your final masterpiece before digging in and share your pictures with us!
  7. Add up your total fundraising and thank everyone who sponsored you. Whether someone donated £1 or £50, every single penny makes a difference and helps us to continue providing our services and supporting the MS Community!