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"But you don’t look ill"

IMG_0883.JPGAmy Thompson on her diagnosis whilst at university and how writing about her experiences is a form of therapy

My symptoms started off with slight numbness and difficulty walking. The only way to explain this is that I just started to be very conscious of my walking and thinking about almost every step.

I was on my year abroad working in Paris when this all started. It was a Friday and I was going on a weekend away with a friend. The whole break I was complaining of this strange feeling in my legs but just ignored it. The trip was great and we travelled back ready for work on Monday. But, that day I really noticed my walking and my left leg felt heavy. I got to work and thought that if it doesn't get any better I will go to a doctor.

Things continued to get worse. Obviously 90 per cent of the time, you know the Dr Google is not right and that it’s just going to make you think you're dying, when really you have a minor infection or something. But this time was different. Straight away the number one result was multiple sclerosis (MS). The second was a brain tumour. So, I obviously panicked and cried, and panicked and cried some more.

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