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Women's Peer Pod

Our women’s peer pod, is a group just for women. Each session has no set topic, which means the conversation is about whatever the group choose to discuss. Whether that’s a discussion about what’s going on in the world or simply catching up with one another from the week before, the group offers the chance to share stories, listen and learn from each other. 

The women’s peer pod was chosen by the MS community, with the understanding that there may be some discussions around MS which can be difficult to talk about, particularly when they are on sensitive subjects, so we hope that by having this group, people will feel more comfortable discussing the topics that really matter to them. 

When - every Thursday, alternating times as follows:

4.30pm - 26 August | 09 and 23 September | 07 and 21 October | 04 and 18 November | 02 and 16 December 

6.45pm - 02, 16 and 30 September | 14 and 28 October | 11 and 25 November | 09 December.  

For details to join the Zoom session, please email Vicky Timmins, MS-UK Peer Support Coordinator

See below for introductions from our peer pod volunteers who lead the groups.  


"I’m Christina from Gloucester. I’ve been diagnosed with MS since 2008 but I’ve had symptoms for many years before. Currently receiving Tysabri. I retired from a career in nursing because of MS. I now live alone with my pug Elvis, and organise a local book club. I like creative writing and I am a regular podcaster. In the past I volunteered for 10 years for the MS Society Helpline."



"My name is Helen. I’ve had a varied working life. In my early thirties I started training as a Mental Health nurse, after working for the Samaritans. One of my children was then diagnosed with ASD. So, I decided to concentrate on my family and had a variety of part time jobs allowing me to care for him.  In later years I worked with young people and adults in education, who had extra challenges. I stopped work due to my MS about 15 years ago.

I then trained as a Counsellor. I’ve worked, in a variety of settings, voluntary, until about 6 years ago.  I enjoy creating mosaics, audiobooks, my garden, my Mountain Trike (a great off-road type of chair) and my lovely dog Elma.  I believe there is much we can do to help ourselves, whatever our condition, by tuning into our inner self, whether that’s meditation, visual relaxations and or mindfulness practice.  Whatever works for each individual is personal. I’m hoping in our pods we will be able to share ideas on “what helps us get through”. As well as having some interesting and stimulating conversations, with support and laughter."