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Study says umbilical cord stem cell treatment 'is safe' for the treatment of MS

In the last decade mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) have been used to safely treat certain immune and inflammatory conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS).

Scientists have recently completed a study on the use of umbilical cord MSC as a treatment for MS.

In this one year study, 20 participants received seven intravenous infusions of 20 x 106 umbilical cord MSC over seven days.

No serious adverse events were reported. The most common mild adverse events were headache, or fatigue. However, most symptoms notably improved one month after treatment.

At the start of the study patients EDSS scores ranged from 2.5-7.0, with a mean score of 5.23. At one month they saw a mean decrease to 4.75, which reduced further to 4.62 at the one year end point. They also saw improvement in bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction, in non-dominant hand average scores and walk times, as well as a change in general perspective towards positive health and improved quality of life.

MRI scans of the brain and the cervical spinal cord showed inactive lesions in 15/18 (83.3%) subjects after one year.

Based on these findings scientists concluded that treatment with umbilical cord MSC intravenous infusions for subjects with MS is safe, and potential therapeutic benefits should be further investigated.

Source: MS-UK 22/03/18

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