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Reflexology with Andrea Tavner

Hello Everyone,andrea 1.png

We are keeping occupied here with lots of home learning, which involves a lot of Florence my daughter's time spent teaching me how to use technology, apparently paper and pencils are old school!

She has kindly said I can give her massage and reflexology treatments, however she is incredibly tickly, so there is lots of giggling!  I’m very much looking forward to getting back in the treatment room and catching up with everyone at Josephs Court and hearing all your news.

Stay safe and smiling,



Hand refexology

My helpful assistant has helped me put together some simple guidelines for hand reflexology if you would like to try these, or if you have a helpful assistant willing to give it a go.

Five to ten minutes daily may help to relax and bring a little relief from aches and pains.

Please do get in touch if there are any other areas you need help with.

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Walk your index finger in a caterpillar motion following the arrowed lines.

This will work on you knees and elbows.

andrea 3.png

Walk your thumb in a caterpillar motion, along the arrowed lines. Working up and down on each hand. This will work on your spinal area and can help stimulate nerve connections to all areas of the body.

Birthday Socks and fundraising!  andrea 4.jpg

Following a birthday, we are now a family of Monkey Sock owners! Designed by James and Lianne Carvell from Mr Monkey Sox, supporters of MS charities across the UK.

Florence needed a pair too, and Steve has been wearing his whilst training for The Prudential 100 Bike ride, he will be doing later this year in support of MSUK.

Get your pair of Monkey Sox here