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Progress on the legalisation of medical cannabis takes a side step

On Friday 23 February, the United Patients Alliance gathered for another peaceful protest outside the House of Parliament while the second reading of the Emily Brice bill took place.

Newport MP Paul Flynn and many others have been campaigning for the legalisation of medical cannabis and with the second reading of the bill thought they were starting to get somewhere. However, the reading came and to everyone’s disappointment was moved until the 06 July 2018.

In a speech he gave outside Parliament, Paul Flynn said: “This is the prelude to victory. We saw democracy at its best and its worst today. To my shame my party talked it out. I have been a member of the parliamentary Labour Party for 31 years, although I’m not sure I will be at the end of this weekend after we have sorted out why they voted to sabotage this bill.

“We’ve got the evidence of 5,000 years of cannabis use in every continent on the planet, if there was anything dangerous or damaging it would be known.

“We’ve got medical drugs that they approve of that kill people on an industrial scale, but we have a corrupt system of regulating drugs that are run by ‘big pharma’, not by big sense, which is us.

“How can we respect a party in the commons that treats the treatment of a young child [Alfie Dingley] and all those suffering with MS as though it is a problem of law and order? Giving a few drops of cannabis to a young boy is not going to set off a crime wave. But we’ve got a spokesman for the Conservative Party who happens to be married to someone who works for GM Pharmaceuticals that sells cannabis at a hugely inflated price. That is why the health minister didn’t reply to the debate in the House of Commons.

“There is progress, there is sense and some sort of dialog going on.

“Friends we will win this!”

To hear Paul Flynn’s full speech and for more information about future protests, visit the United Patients Alliance Facebook page.

Source: MS-UK

Date: 26/02/18

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