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"Potentially this was a game changer in my interminable journey with MS"

Martin.jpgMartin Baum made a breakthough during last month's heatwave 

As an MSer of almost 40 years, I have found there are more questions than answers to living with multiple sclerosis (MS). My late father always used to say there were only solutions, never problems, but that was a time before MS challenged that philosophy, more’s the pity.

Yet while we MSers wait patiently for the cure that we hope will come, eventually, sometimes something does happen to make coexisting with an unwanted cuckoo in the MS nest liveable. While this has never been a perfect arrangement, the recent summer heatwave had been making an awful situation worse.

I recently wrote about enduring not only the summer nights but also having to tolerate the consequences of my body from overheating wihch you can read here. I finished the blog by saying how I had a gel pillow to try and cool my corrupted body thermostat. At the time of writing, however, it was still to be despatched from Amazon so I couldn’t really judge how efficient it was, if at all. I had a lot riding on this.

When it comes to buying ‘things’ I am, by my wife’s own exasperated admission, an advertiser’s dream. The blurb on the box, however, was very promising. ‘A naturally cooling gel pillow with the gel transferring the heat away from the body’. Potentially this was a game changer in my interminable journey with MS.

Cool Gel Pads 1.jpgThe room temperature the night I laid the thin blue gel mat on my pillow was nothing short of oppressive, as was my body. But here’s the thing. It worked. Up until that moment, from being sodden at night throughout the heatwave, the beads of sweat began to dissipate. Some nights it took a little longer than others for the gel pad to kick in but, nonetheless, it has every time since.

Night sweats have always been an issue which I’ve had to live with as a natural consequence of having MS. However, there was something about this summer’s heatwave that for me was the tightening of the MS screw that was my breaking point. Something had to be done and mercifully the gel pad came through for me.

Since the blog was published the response to my inbox has told me that this is also an issue for a lot of other MSers which confirms I am not alone. Clearly, while I’ve been waiting all my MS life for a miracle, so have others. Yet, because of the gel pad, within minutes, it was my escape from my own body heat. I hope this will be the same for others, too.

The Vinsani Cool Gel Pad Pillow Gel Inlay costs £6.99 and is available on Amazon. Did you know if you set up Amazon Sile and choose MS-UK as your nominated charity, Amazon will donate money to our charity every time you make a purchase, at no extra costs to you?  Visit Amazon Smile