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PIP system failing those with MS says charity

The Personal Independence Payment (PIP) application process is ‘humiliating and degrading’ and is ‘cheating people with multiple sclerosis (MS) out of vital support’, according to new research by the MS Society.

The Society, which is calling on the next government to improve the application process, surveyed 900 people living with MS. They found that almost half believed their assessor had made incorrect assumptions about their abilities, thus reducing the level of PIP they were entitled to.

Most of the people questioned raised issues about their assessors’ understanding of their condition, with 60 per cent saying they did not think their assessment report reflected accurately how their MS affected them. Some people said it did not take into account the fluctuating nature of the condition, and it ignored invisible symptoms such as pain and fatigue.

Five per cent of those surveyed said they had to abandon the application at the filling in of the form stage due to its complexity. Around 65 per cent admitted to finding it a struggle to complete, and just 13 per cent said they believed the form allowed them to properly explain how MS affected them. "The PIP process is failing people with MS at every stage, and cheating thousands out of vital support," said Genevieve Edwards, director of external affairs at the MS Society.”

Genevieve said the charity wanted candidates in the election campaign ‘to recognise that people with MS deserve a welfare system they can trust’.

Source: MS-UK 11/11/2019

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