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Pilates workshop

Friday 07 May at 11:30am – 1pm via Zoom

About the workshop

This Pilates workshop will be taken by Amanda Kemp who has taught Pilates for over 16 years and has worked specifically with those with neurological conditions. The workshop aims to provide an introduction to Pilates, the theory behind it, how it can benefit those with MS and to offer the chance to take part in an accessible 30-minute session in sitting and a 30-minute session in standing.

Please see below the overview for the workshop and what the we will be focusing on;

  • What is Pilates and how can it help?
  • Common spinal problems
  • The four-quadrant stability model
  • 30-minute Pilates practice in sitting
  • 30-miute Pilates practice in standing
  • Question and answer

Following the workshop, we hope to get feedback from the session that will provide us with the opportunity to provide Pilates classes on a regular basis. Please be sure to leave feedback after the session that will help us establish the need and appetite for this activity online.

About Amanda Amanda Kemp 1.jpg

I’ve been teaching Pilates since 2005 and practising it a long time before. I love how it enables you to create freer movement and get out of pain. It works the whole body from the inside out to create a lengthened body, stabilise joints and maintain balance, strength and flexibility.   I'm an experienced teacher, having worked with lots of different people. Pilates is perfect for recovering from injury or managing and improving long-term conditions.  

I'm particularly experienced in working with clients with neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's and stroke. I also work with clients with arthritis, osteoporosis, hyper-mobility, scoliosis, slipped discs and more.  As a mum of four children I know how Pilates can be invaluable in supporting you mentally and physically.  

I teach small group classes in person and via zoom from my studio in the East Sussex countryside. To find out more, please visit my website

How to book

If you would like to register for this workshop, please click on the button below. The suggested donation for the workshop is £5, but you can make a donation of your choosing from £1 to attend.

If you are having trouble registering or would like to know more about this workshop, please contact us at

Please note we will be recording the workshop and we will make it available for you to watch again.

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