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One month on Sarah is still staying true to her 2.6 challenge!

large_Sarah Cross 2_0.jpgSince joining MS-UK’s wellness centre, Josephs Court 3 years ago, the staff and fellow MS-ers have been so supportive and inspiring to me and have massively helped me to live my life in a positive way with my MS. Before the coronavirus lockdown, I was attending Josephs Court twice a week to work on improving my fitness and strength using a Therabike and the Vibe-plate. When Josephs Court had to temporarily close to its clients, they set up weekly virtual coffee mornings and exercise classes and kept in touch with us all, checking on how we were doing and setting up 121 virtual exercise consultations with our Wellness Coaches, which was excellent and really encouraged me to continue to try and keep as fit and well as I can and keep in touch with my friends and family.

When MS-UK publicised the 2.6 Challenge, I thought I could aim to walk 2.6 miles over the week. I decided that this would be a fantastic long-term goal for me to walk 2.6 miles every week and to see how much I can keep improving and so I pledged to donate to MS-UK for every week I walk 2.6 miles unaided for 6 months. I was very pleased that I actually managed to smash my goal, walking 0.8 miles on Sunday 26th April taking my week’s total to 2.8 miles! So what started out as a bit of lockdown exercise has turned into a long term goal thanks to MS-UKs 2.6 Challenge plus I managed to raise some money for MS-UK too!

A month on, and I’m still doing my unaided walking. Fatigue is one of my worst symptoms of MS which is exacerbated by hot weather so my target is quite a challenge in the warm weather we’re having. But having that on-going target is really good for me and is helping me to juggle my “good” days and “bad” days much more effectively and positively in order for me to reach my target. And I love the fact that my 2.6 Challenge target not only helps me but helps MS-UK which helps other MS-ers to live positively – it really helps to keep me going!