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MS-UK Single Session Therapy

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Single session therapy is a focussed one-off session with a counsellor who uses their counselling skills to listen and help you find a way forward with a specific MS-related issue that is impacting on your daily life right now.

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Please see below some suggested goals which could realistically be achieved in a session

  • To help you get ‘unstuck’
  • To help you take a few steps forward which may help you to travel the rest of the journey without professional assistance
  • To help you see that you have the resources to achieve your goals
  • To help you select a possible solution to your problem
  • To give you the experience of the solution, if possible
  • To help you develop an action plan


When agreeing to the appointment you will be asked to let us know the one problem or concern that is most important to focus on in your session in order to make best use of the time allocated. If you are unable to identify anything then single session therapy is not for you.

The session will be a maximum of 90 minutes and can be delivered by telephone or video call via Zoom which needs to be taken in a quiet private space.

It will not be suitable for everyone and the counsellor will not give you the answers. They will be direct and challenging and will therefore need you to work with them in order to get the best out of the session.


Follow up and evaluation

After you have completed the session you will be asked to complete an evaluation form to tell us how we did. We are community-led and as this is a pilot service we would value your feedback to enable us to continue to shape this service.

At the end of your single-session therapy, your counsellor may give you details about the MS-UK Helpline or MS-UK Counselling and any other relevant services.


How do I sign up?

Click here to register and someone will be in contact within three working days to arrange an appointment. 


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Where possible we are asking clients to make a donation of £25 to MS-UK at the time of booking to help towards the cost of providing this new service and this will be discussed with you when making the arrangements.


If you have any further questions please contact Diana Crowe, Head of Services on 01206 226500 or email