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MS-UK Counselling client registration form

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Please let us know how you would like to be reminded about your appointment above

What we do with the information you give us

By clicking on ‘submit’ you are requesting to access the MS-UK Counselling service. 

By clicking yes on the question above you are opting in to receive MS-UK e-newsletters. You can unsubscribe at any time by using the links at the bottom of the e-newsletters or by contacting us. We hope to communicate with you and keep you updated on the work of MS-UK and our services. 

MS-UK collects the personal details of people referring to the counselling service so we can process your referral. 

We never sell your details to a third party or share them. When dealing with your personal information we will at all times comply with the General Data Protection Regulations, and any other applicable legislation.

Once your referral is submitted, we will add your information to our database, and you will receive communications from us as needed to provide and evaluate the service.

If you do not proceed to receive counselling, we will archive the records after six months. We will not communicate with you further unless you opt in to our communications separately.