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MS drug fampridine (Fampyra) rejected for a second time in Scotland

Fampridine, also known as Fampyra, has once again been rejected by the Scottish Medical Consortium (SMC) and will not be made available on the NHS in Scotland to multiple sclerosis (MS) patients with walking problems.

Fampridine is used for the improvement of walking in patients with MS. The drug acts on the damaged nerves, allowing the signals to continue along the nerves to stimulate the muscles, which can make it easier to walk.

However, SMC has not recommended fampridrine for the improvement of walking in adults with MS who have walking disability. After careful consideration, SMC decided the evidence provided by the company was not strong enough to be certain that fampridrine offers value for money to NHS Scotland. The drug was also rejected back in 2016 due to a lack of cost effectiveness.

The decision means that fampridrine should not normally be prescribed on the NHS in Scotland for use as described above. Your doctor should talk to you about other treatment options available to you. If your doctor believes that fampridrine would be of benefit, he or she can make a request to prescribe it for you. All health boards have procedures in place to consider these requests. For further information see: Medicines in Scotland: What’s the right treatment for me?

Source: MS-UK 21/11/18

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