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Skydive for MS-UK

Want to feel the wind in your hair at the door of the plane before the pure exhilaration of free falling to the earth? Now is the time to book your skydive!

Lauren's skydive...

Skydiving from 10,000 feet isn’t just about the rush and joy of the jump, it’s about helping us to continue our vital work supporting anyone affected by multiple sclerosis. And if you raise £395 your jump will be covered!

There are 19 airfields across the UK to choose from, and you can pick a date that suits you. Once you have signed up we’ll send you out a personalised welcome pack and an MS-UK t-shirt.

Want to have a chat?

You can get in touch with Lucy at any time if you would like to chat about doing a skydive for MS-UK. Call Lucy on 01206 226500 or email

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