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Introduction to poetry writing

iStock-1014598950.jpgWhen This course has already started but keep checking back for when new dates are added!

Where via Zoom (follow the link below to register)

Interested in writing poetry? Maybe you’re a complete beginner or maybe you already dabble in verse?

Writing poems is a creative way of exploring and recording your thoughts and feelings about a wide range of topics. Plus, because poems are usually short and can take on many different shapes and styles, poetry can be perfect for writers with multiple sclerosis (MS). The shortness and flexibility of poems can make them more accessible for people who find fatigue, pain or discomfort make longer forms such as fiction or memoir writing too challenging.

Our introductory session is a great way to have a go at writing a poem and get some ideas for developing your own writing practice.

Please see below the overview of the introductory session and information about Georgi Gill, our workshop facilitator, a poet who has been living with MS for eighteen years.


About the session

In this informal session, Georgi will read a poem to the group which we will discuss briefly and use as a prompt for our own writing. Then we’ll do a short writing exercise to help develop our ideas for poems. Then we’ll have a chance to use these ideas to draft our own short poems. Georgi will be on hand to support you if you require help or assistance to complete your writing. Plus, she’ll share some tips along the way about how to get ideas flowing onto the page.

You may prefer to write your poems by hand or to type them or voice record them. Please bring along paper and pen or make sure you have access to a suitable device for typing or recording your poem.


About Georgi

Georgi lockdown photo.jpgGeorgi Gill is an Edinburgh based writer and researcher. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2003 and her life with MS inspired her to develop her current PhD research at the University of Edinburgh. This research explores the potential of poetry to inform and transform dialogues between individuals with multiple sclerosis and others.

With a previous career in teaching and also as Learning Manager at the Scottish Poetry Library, Georgi has extensive experience of devising and delivering creative writing workshops and projects for participants of all ages and from all walks of life. As part of her current research, she has delivered online writing workshops for groups of people living with Relapse Remitting, Primary Progressive and Secondary Progressive MS.

One of Georgi’s core beliefs is that poetry lets us experiment with words to find new ways of speaking to ourselves and each other from the heart. Poetry is not just for academics or people who did well in literature at school. It’s a creative act we can all enjoy and benefit from!

Georgi’s work is widely published in anthologies and magazines. Her first full-length collection of poetry will be published in 2021. You can find out more about Georgi at  


If you would like to take part in the session, please click on the Eventbrite calendar below to register via the Eventbrite website. Each session has a suggested donation of £5, but you can donate anywhere from £1 to take part.

If you would like to know more about the session or need help registering, please email

This course has already started but keep checking back for when new dates are added!
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