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Host a gaming marathon

Are you a big gaming fan? Do you enjoy spending your free time completing games and reaching those high scores? Then a gaming livestream may be right up your street. A chance to play some of your favourite games or challenge yourself to a new game whilst raising some money for MS-UK what’s not to like?


Here’s how you host your own gaming and fundraising livestreams

1.    Make sure to choose your console – PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo, PC


2.    Choose a platform you're going to stream on - think where you're likely to get a better response, for example, Twitch or YouTube


3.    Think about the scheduling of your livestream

  • What day of the week do you want it to be on?
  • What time are you planning it to start/finish?
  • Are you going to bring any guests into the livestream via the internet?
  • What games are you going to play and in what order/at what time?


4.    Set up a fundraising page for donations

  • JustGiving is purpose-built for this and you can easily share your link with others 
  • If you decide to use Facebook Live we would recommend using Facebook Fundraising 
  • Include all the livestream information and timings on this page so it is all in one place for people


5.    Organise and promote

  • If you are a member of gaming websites, contact community discord moderators and ask if you are allowed to promote on there
  • Maybe create a YouTube video to explain what you’ll be doing
  • Share on social media to create a buzz building up to the day
  • Reach out to the Game Developers of games you are planning to play, see if they can help promote
  • Make sure to tag us on social media so we can share your post

6.    Set goals with incentives to encourage donations

  • For example, when you reach £100 you’ll get a cream pie to the face
  • Engage with the people watching and ask them to interact with you while playing – when they donate perhaps they can request a specific ‘move’ within the game
  • Include donation goals and ensure donation alerts come through while playing

7.    Most importantly of all, make sure to always thank everyone who donates – it doesn’t matter how much you raise whether £5 or £50 it’s all about the charity. MS-UK will use your donations to continue to run the services we provide which support people affected by multiple sclerosis.

Click here to make a donation

If you would like to discuss your fundraising ideas or need any support for us, email Our team are always on hand to share their expertise!