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Hand Reflexology Workshop

When – Friday 18 June at 11am 

Where – Via Zoom 

About the workshop 

After hosting the successful nutrition workshop for MS-UK in April, Katie Ruane will be showing us the benefits reflexology can have for improving both physical and mental wellbeing. 

The session will aim to demonstrate how reflexology can be performed on yourself and by others. Please see what Katie has to say about the session below. 

“Reflexology is amazing as all your hormone glands, organs, bones and more can be accessed through the nerves that are attached to parts of your body and end in your hands and feet. Traditionally reflexology is done to the feet, but due to the impact of COVID, I will be talking about and showing you some simple hand reflexology you can do at home to help reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing.  Katie Ruane headshot.png

In the session, I will show you the reflexology points for the head and the hormone glands, the shoulders, spine, kidney and adrenals. This means that your nervous system will get the focus, and the gentle stimulation that will help turn off the ‘flight/flight’ response and help turn on the ‘rest/digest’ mode instead. Reflexology is very gentle and safe – all you need is another person, a bit of moisturiser or coconut oil, a pillow and a towel”. 

 If you would like to register to attend this session, please click the event button below to register. The suggested donation is £5 for this workshop, but you can make a donation of your choosing from £1 to attend. 

Please note we will be recording the workshop and we will make it available for you to watch again. 

If you are having trouble registering or would like to know more about this workshop, please contact us at    

About Katie 

After studying beauty in The Masters with a History of Art Degree, I turned to the body and trained as a Naturopath, reading Complementary Medicine: Naturopathy BSc (Hons) at the University of Westminster in London. I wanted to help people feel better and take control of their lives.  Naturopathy ticked so many boxes to helping the entire person, nutrition, massage and reflexology among them. 

I help a variety of people with different concerns, but the thing that unites them all is that they all want to invest time in themselves and looking after their body in a more natural way. 

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