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Guest Blog - Baking Doggie Treats for MS-UK!

stephanie morison blog.jpgStephanie Morrison tells us how her love for cakes inspired her and her two daughters to bake some doggie treats in aid of MS-UK!

It was the summer holidays and I was trying to think of ways my two little girls (4 and 3 years-old) could get involved with fundraising. If we had baked cakes, we definitely would of eaten them instead of selling them so we decided to bake cakes and cookies for dogs instead!

We’ve got a Westie so decided she could be the taste-tester and my eldest daughter suggested we make samples so the other dogs could try them first too.

It was pretty easy to find tasty recipes online, mainly including peanut butter, so we got cracking. The girls love baking so it was a fun activity to get them involved with and they enjoyed decorating them too. 

Betty (our dog) decided they were pretty yummy, so we put them on a tray with little bags and a money box. We took them to all our neighbours with dogs and a local country resort and they sold out pretty quickly. I made my girls explain what they were and what the charity was and they were honestly so excited that people wanted to buy them and lots of people got in touch after to say how delicious they were. 

We made £102 which we were very impressed with!

My 36-year-old cousin has multiple sclerosis (MS) which was quite shocking when we first heard but she still lives a fairly normal life at the moment. If we can make even the slightest bit of difference to helping anyone with MS then we will be very happy.

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