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Game for MS-UK

iStock-1175468696.jpgGamers Assemble!

This Christmas, MS-UK are focusing on stopping loneliness and isolation within the MS Community, and we challenge you to help us with a sponsored gaming marathon!

Whether you’re an occasional gamer or a professional streamer, all are welcome, so grab your weapon (controller) of choice and get comfortable... it’s game time!


MS-UK needs your help to stop loneliness this Christmas

MS affects around 130,000 people in the UK and 2.3 million people worldwide. Living with a long-term condition that people do not understand can make it hard to stay connected. It can be difficult to maintain independence and often people struggle to reach out and ask for the support they need as a result.

MS-UK saw a 44% increase in calls to our helpline in the first month of lockdown alone and we continue to provide the MS community with essential information and emotional support when they need it most. As the Christmas period approaches, demand will be even higher and we need your support to ensure we can be here for as many people affected by MS as possible.

This is why services like the MS-UK Helpline are so essential. But it wouldn’t exist without people like you.


What is the challenge?

MS-UK are challenging you to take on a sponsored gaming marathon of your choice! You decide on your own game to play during any of the challenges, so whether your game be Super Mario Brothers, FIFA, League of Legends, or even Candy Crush the choice is all yours!

Gamers, your choice of challenge is below.


Christmas cracker

A 6-hour marathon


Turkey Sizzler

A 12-hour marathon, not for the weak hearted!


Santa’s mission

A full 24-hour marathon, for the serious gamers amongst you!


How to get involved

Getting involved couldn’t be easier for our MS-UK gamers. Once you have decided on your choice of challenge follow these steps below

  • Once you have chosen the length of your challenge, and the game (or games!) you will play, you now need to set your date!
  • Next, follow this link to set up your JustGiving page, which will officially register your gaming challenge with MS-UK. Be sure to include what you are doing and why you are supporting MS-UK
  • Now the power is in your hands, share your JustGiving page on Social Media and tell the world that you are helping to stop loneliness and doing something amazing for MS-UK by taking on your gaming challenge! Every single penny you raise will help more people affected by multiple sclerosis. Remember to tag MS-UK in any of your posts!
  • All that’s left is to game! Be sure to live stream your gaming marathon so that everyone can watch you in action, you can even continue to receive donations during your gaming marathon. Follow this link to learn how to connect your live stream to your JustGiving page


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Lucy on 01206 226500 or by email on