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Exercise masterclass

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Corrective stretching masterclass - Friday 16 April at 11am 

Please join us on Friday 16 April at 11am where Alan Pearson, level four Exercise Coach, will be delivering a masterclass on corrective stretching. 

Session outline 

This is the second in our series of masterclasses by Alan which will focus on corrective stretching that is all about helping people move and feel better in their daily life. The session will cover different types of stretching techniques that will help improve posture, muscle imbalances and address movement compensations associated with long term neurological conditions like MS. 

We will also be identifying common postural holding patterns in standing and sitting positions and look at areas of tension! This means specifically identifying muscles that become shortened or overactive over time as a result of poor sitting postures or compensation for weakened opposing muscle groups.  

We will explore the use of other techniques that lengthen muscles through using static stretching and neuromuscular techniques.  

This will be an informative and interactive session so please come and join us for the next MS-UK masterclass. 


Management of Foot drop with exercise masterclass - Friday 14 May at 11am 

Please join us on Friday 14 May at 11am where Alan Pearson, level four Exercise Coach, will be delivering a masterclass on the management of foot drop with exercise 

Session outline 

This is the third in our series of masterclasses from Alan and we will be finding out what foot drop is along with the signs and symptoms people may experience. We will identify factors that cause muscle imbalance and the structures themselves that are associated with foot drop and introduce assisted devices that may help with managing the issue.  

As part of the practical element of the session, Alan will show some movement exercise and stretches that you can use daily that help improve the quality of movement to improve your body's balance and function with walking and other activities.   

Please note that we record the masterclasses and we will make them available for those attending to watch again.  

Look forward to you joining us. 

Please see the feedback from our last masterclass 

“I thought the session was nothing less than brilliant. So practical, so reassuring, and so understanding. Alan is amazing.” – Jackie 

“I loved how practical & positive it was. Gave me lots to think about.” – Pam 

“All of the online programmes that you’re offering at the moment are absolutely brilliant by the way, I can’t praise them enough, so thank you!” - Lisa 

“I found Alan's talk and insights into balance most useful.  I'm looking forward to trying out the exercise” – Susanna  

We have a suggested donation for each session of £5, but you can make a donation of your choosing from £1 to attend. If you are having trouble registering for the class or would like to know more, please email  

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