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Earlier this year we ran a survey about loneliness and isolation. After reading all of the responses we would now like to know more about the impact of these for people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS) so we are hosting focus groups across the UK.

Thank you for your interest in attending a focus group...

Our focus groups are about getting people affected by MS together to hear your views. There are no right or wrong answers and everyone has a chance to speak. Members of the MS-UK team will be there to support you, as we know that it can be difficult to speak openly about isolation sometimes.

Each focus group lasts approximately two hours and there will be no more than fifteen people attending your group. We will be asking you about the importance of relationships, how we might support people to feel more connected and independent and how we might raise awareness of MS. We will, of course, supply plenty of tea and cake too!

To register your interest in attending a focus group, please complete the form below.

We will phone you to confirm your place at a focus group.

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What we do with the information you give us

MS-UK collects the personal details of people who wish to attend one of our focus groups. We will add your information to our database, to keep a record of how many people attend. We will keep your details safe - read our policies to find out how.