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Clinical study shows online therapy Elevida helps manage MS fatigue

An interactive, psychotherapy-based online programme called “Elevida” can reduce fatigue in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, according to a clinical study published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry.

The study, “Randomised controlled trial of a self-guided online fatigue intervention in multiple sclerosis,” concluded that the therapy programme Elevida developed by a digital company called GAIA AG, “may be a suitable low barrier, cost-effective treatment option for MS fatigue.”

Elevida’s software was developed by a team that including doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists, and IT experts. Its content is based on cognitive behavioural therapy and psychotherapeutic approaches like mindfulness. Patients navigate through Elevida at their own pace and via multiple-choice questions. The software is meant to serve as a guided therapy session, and tailors how quickly a patient progresses according to answers given, matching progress to the patient’s specific needs. Patients are advised to use the programme once or twice a week.

In the clinical study 275 patients with MS and fatigue, were divided into two groups. One group received standard care, the other group received home-based therapy using Elevida for 12 weeks.

A significant reduction in fatigue was reported in the Elevida group compared to those receiving standard care. Patients receiving Elevida therapy had reduced motor fatigue and cognitive fatigue, as well as reduced anxiety. These benefits were sustained throughout a 24-week follow-up.

“Elevida could offer an interim solution or low barrier option to help to reach patients in areas where therapists are not available or provide care to patients in settings where resources are limited,” the researchers wrote.

Use of the fatigue-management programme was also seen to significantly improve patients’ quality of life and their capacity to perform daily tasks. Patients using Elevida also showed a greater ability to handle fatigue compared to those relying on medications.

“GAIA AG understands the vast unmet medical needs in the MS community and we are dedicated to developing strong innovative solutions based on rigorous scientific evidence,” Mario Weiss, MD, CEO and founder of GAIA AG, said in a press release. “We believe Elevida can also help mitigate the suffering of many and improve health outcomes.”

Source: MS-UK 06/04/18

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