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Cladribine gets approval in Scotland

NHS Scotland has accepted cladribine (Mavenclad) as a treatment option for people with highly active multiple sclerosis (MS) living in Scotland.

The Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC), which reviews newly licenced medicines, published advice on the drugs routine use on Monday 12 February.

Cladribine was approved for use in England and Wales by NHS England in November last year. It has the potential to reduce the rate of MS relapse. As a short course of oral tablets, it may be a more manageable therapy option compared to current infusion or injection treatments. Many factors can influence an individual’s preference for treatment so cladribine will be a useful addition to the range of options available in Scotland.

SMC chairman Dr Alan MacDonald, said: ‘We are pleased to be able to accept these medicines for use by NHS Scotland.’

‘Cladribine may reduce the risk of relapse in those with highly active MS, as well as being a more convenient treatment option.’

Source: MS-UK

Date: 14/02/18

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