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Choices leaflet: MS symptoms

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) causes different symptoms in different people at different times.

No two people living with MS experience it the same way, and the type and severity of symptoms will also be affected by whether people are tired, hot, fighting infection or just feeling ‘under the weather’.

MS symptoms

In this Choices booklet and below some of the more common symptoms of MS are explained. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and they are causing you problems, in the first instance you should consider contacting your MS nurse or even your GP. You could also ask to be referred to the appropriate specialist if necessary. Most symptoms can be treated.

Other useful resources

For more detailed information about individual symptoms, please read these Choices booklets. 

Bladder and bowel





Spasms and spasticity

Speech and swallowing

Visual symptoms

Newly diagnosed booklet

Symptom diary

Am I having a relapse? form

Questions to ask your health professional