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Caesarean delivery and artificial lactation are associated with early onset MS #ECTRIMS

Scientists conducting research into important MS markers have discovered that MS patients born from a caesarean delivery and receiving artificial lactation are more likely to experience the onset of the condition earlier than those who were delivered naturally and breastfed.

The study consisted of 2055 eligible patients with a mean age at onset of MS 28.4 years. 10.9% of patients were born via caesarean section delivery and most of them (59.9%) received maternal breastfeeding, while the remaining received artificial lactation. Compared to those born from a natural delivery, the onset of symptoms was 5.2 years earlier for those born by caesarean delivery. Also, artificial lactation was associated with an earlier diagnosis (-2.2 years earlier) compared to patients who had been breastfed, in which the duration of breastfeeding period was directly associated with the age of onset of MS.

These findings suggest that caesarean delivery and artificial lactation may be linked to the onset of MS at an earlier age. The researchers said “The results suggest that environmental factors which act at the population level may significantly influence disease severity characteristics in genetically susceptible populations.”

Source: MS-UK

Date: 01/11/17

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