Gareth’s London Marathon experience

Gareth’s 10+ years helping at London Marathon – Volunteers week 2024

Gareth Hadland shares his experience of volunteering for MS-UK at the London Marathon

I have been volunteering for MS-UK at the London Marathon for over 10 years, supporting the post-race reception and it remains the highlight of my year!

Volunteering has provided me with great experience I can take into my day job and given me the opportunity to use my skills to give back. Over the last 10 years, I have learnt so much about MS and its impact on people’s lives, and how the money raised for MS-UK can really make a difference. It’s important that MS-UK has a big team of volunteers behind them, as this enables them to keep providing a hero’s welcome to the many people who fundraise for them year after year.

Agreeing to volunteer can be quite daunting, especially if like me you didn’t know much about MS-UK or MS. You might also feel worried that you wouldn’t be much help. But I can guarantee you will get a warm reception from everyone! All the staff and other volunteers were so friendly and there was a real sense of everyone being one team, with a shared goal of supporting the amazing people running the marathon to raise money for MS-UK.

Throughout my time volunteering for MS-UK I have met so many brilliant people, not only the runners and dedicated charity staff, but also the many family members and friends with MS who inspire the runners to complete such a gruelling challenge and raise funds for such a vital cause. These dedicated people inspire me to keep coming back each year to support the great work of MS-UK.

I highly recommend joining the MS-UK volunteer family. It is such an enriching experience and gives people the chance to make a meaningful impact, connect with others, and contribute to a cause that truly matters.

This year I was honoured to be nominated for a ‘Room to Reward’ which gives me a free hotel stay. It was such a lovely gesture by MS-UK and just re-enforces how much they value the volunteers that support them.