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The Thomas Jumpers Paint the Sky Purple for MS-UK

Louise Thomas has been a fantastic supporter of MS-UK for many years. Each Christmas, she hosted her annual David ‘Teddy‘ Thomas Champions’ Lunch, to raise money for MS-UK. She co-founded this event with her late husband, England cricketer, David Thomas - who was diagnosed with MS at the age of 29. Lousie Thomas 3.jpg

David particularly liked MS-UK as a charity because of the way that they related to people with MS, and their families - by treating them as individuals, and by empowering them with knowledge and shared experiences, to enable them to live their best lives. MS is an extremely challenging condition, so positivity plays an enormous part in helping to get people through every day. Louise continued to host their annual Lunch Club in support of MS-UK until 2017. She was extremely sad to have to stop running this event, as it was very special, and a huge part of her life. She still thinks of it every year on the first Friday in December when the event would have taken place, and desperately misses the love and camaraderie that always filled the room.

Louise promised she would continue to support MS-UK beyond the Lunch Club, and this October, she persuaded five friends to join her in a skydive adventure and paint the skies purple for MS-UK. This was no mean feat for Louise, who was petrified of heights before taking on the mighty challenge of jumping out of a plane at 14,000 feet.

Here is a round-up of their big day…

‘The day was amazing. Cold and frost lay all around, but the sun was out, and we had clear blue skies. The Thomas Jumpers all checked in and went for a skydive tutorial to learn the dos and don’ts. Ryan shared words of wisdom such as, ‘If you’re one of those people who are convinced your parachute is not going to come out, I am afraid you are going to be bitterly disappointed!’ and ‘If, suddenly everything goes dark, open your eyes. It’s so much more fun when you can see what you’re doing!’. These words were not only very true, but they helped to put us at our ease. The enthusiasm and joy in the faces of the veteran jumpers was infectious. We were all buzzing!!

The sun was shining over Nottingham and at 14.000 ft, the views were spectacular. From this height, we had almost a full minute of free fall, (at approx 120 mph) before the parachute deployed. It was an unbelievable experience. After landing, we all had the biggest grins on our faces! What a thrill! Big shout out to Ryan and Emily the instructors, Kayleigh and Gary the photographers, and all at Skydive Langar for being so inspiring and such fun.

We want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to all our friends and sponsors, who donated so generously and helped us to raise £4,700 for MS-UK. Your donations and support meant the world to us. We are truly grateful.'