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#ThisIsMS - Sally-Ann's story

For MS Awareness Week this year, we wanted to hear from people who live with the long-term health condition. This is Sally-Ann's story. 5_1.png

Nine years ago, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). A year before, I had woken up one morning and was blind in one eye. After seeing an eye specialist, I was diagnosed with optic neuritis and was told it would take a year to recover. Over the period of year, I lost eyesight in both eyes about three to four times and this led to my diagnosis of MS. MS wasn’t new to me. It was a condition I had watched my mother live with for many years, and my mother was wheelchair-bound and my father her full-time carer. From being diagnosed with MS and been fortunate enough to have treatment and medication straightaway it has thankfully kept my symptoms at bay and they are very mild. I’m still able to work full time, and every year I raise money and awareness for various MS charities. MS for every one of us is completely different, we all react differently to all the different medication and all of our symptoms can be so different. We call it a snowflake disease because none of us are the same. I’m very lucky that my eyesight has fully recovered and I am currently relapse-free for four years due to the medication I am on.

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