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Research shout out: Valuing Goals Study

Photo of Emma, lead of Valuing Goals studyEmma Britneff, a Trainee Clinical Psychologist from Royal Holloway, University of London is conducting a study to evaluate whether an online resource called ‘Valuing Goals’, which offers skills training in goal setting and action planning, can improve well-being for people with multiple sclerosis (MS). The study has been granted ethical approval by Royal Holloway Research Ethics Committee (REC Project ID: 717).

'Valuing Goals' is an online training programme that helps people to identify and work towards positive personal goals by teaching specific skills step by step. It has been designed by clinical psychologists and based on research that shows goal setting, planning skills and working towards valued goals are associated with high levels of wellbeing. Previous studies have found this programme to increase wellbeing and quality of life in the general population as well as in groups of people experiencing lowered wellbeing. Emma is now conducting a study to evaluate if the Valuing Goals programme can be as beneficial for people living with MS, and she is looking for volunteers to take part in the programme. 

How to find out more

If you would like the opportunity to have some online training in how to work towards personal goals, and to take part in some research please go to the link below for further information by clicking it or pasting it into your internet browser before 31 August 2018.

Please note this is an external study.