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Paid research opportunity for mobility scooter users

iStock-846364906.jpgAlice Bardwell is looking for mobility scooter users to take part in research – can you help?

Hi there, at Proteus Research we are looking for participants to help with a research study about mobility scooters. The object is to better understand the needs of users, their expectations and the potential for design development.

Participants will be asked to complete a diary for one week, noting the ways in which they use their scooter day to day. The diary will be sent via post and a stamped addressed envelope provided.

There is also a possibility that they will be asked to take part in a one hour phone or Zoom interview in order to discuss their usage and provide feedback on the pros and cons of their machine and any improvements they would like to see.

For each part of the study (the diary and the interview) participants will receive a cash payment of £100 as a thank you for their time and help.

This project is being conducted on behalf of a well-known automotive manufacturer looking to enter the mobility scooter market with a new model.

The study commences on November 2 with the diary. The interview part will take place around the middle of November. We'll let you know after the first stage is complete if we would like you to take part in an interview. 

Proteus Research is an independent market research company based in UK and a member of the Market Research Society. We are bound by the industry Code of Conduct under which all data collected is treated confidentially and the anonymity of participants protected.

If you would like more information about our company please visit our website at alternatively you can contact the Market Research Society on 0500 396 999 who will confirm our status as a legitimate market research agency.

If you would like to take part please contact Alice on the details below

07879 483 041