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Mogrify supports MS-UK at Ely Runfest

Mogrify photo.jpgAlessandra from Mogrify shares how they created a running team to support MS-UK

It’s a sunny summer afternoon in June 2021, and I’m wrapping up a meeting with my colleague Rodrigo. He tells me that he’ll soon be going for his evening run, and I tell him that I haven’t been running in ages. Why not? – he asks me. Busy life, little time, and perhaps lack of motivation, I reply – the last time I trained for something was 10 years ago, when I ran a half marathon for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. That’s interesting, he says – I’m really keen to do something to support people living with multiple sclerosis (MS). That’s it. We decide then and there that we’re going to do something for MS-UK, and we start looking for a running event at which we could raise some money for a cause close to both of our hearts.  

A week later we catch up again. The event is chosen and we’re thinking about how to make the most of the fundraising campaign. How about involving our colleagues through our social club, Mogrify Social Committee (MoSo)? – says Rodrigo. What a brilliant idea! Let’s go for it! – I reply. And that’s the way it all started. The initiative has a great uptake: MoSo organizes the fundraising website (and makes a donation – thanks MoSo!), the T-shirt delivery and coordinates weekly training. We’re a group of 13 (nearly 20% of the company!) and we make a video to promote our initiative. We even have a name, Los Pinatas, and a mascot! Everybody is very excited about the run which is approaching fast.  

Early on Sunday 26 September early (at least for my standards on a weekend!), we’re all in front of beautiful Ely cathedral. The weather is perfect - light breeze, overcast but no rain. We’re all fresh and raring to go. Some of us are doing the half marathon, some the 10K, everybody determined to complete their chosen task.  

We made it! All hot and sweaty we cross the finishing line, thinking whether this was our personal best or just glad it’s all over!  

With a sense of achievement, we sit down on the lawn with a lovely picnic offered by MoSo. We’re unmissable in our MS-UK purple T-shirts that promote awareness of multiple sclerosis and also attract the attention of the organisers, Ely Tri Club. So much so that they offer to donate the value of our tickets to our MS-UK fundraising page. We’re grateful and chuffed! 

Thank you to all those who’ve supported us and MS-UK. We hope that our contribution positively impacts the lives of our family members, friends and people we don’t personally know who live with MS.  

Undoubtedly you have positively impacted our lives, inspiring and motivating us to pull us together for a great cause.  

Thank you!