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Keeping Connected

Hi, I’m Sarah and I volunteered to be one of MS-UK’s Peer Support Coordinators and host a regular online Peer Pod to help keep people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) connected. sarah - peer pod volunteer.jpg

I was first diagnosed with Relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) in 2007 having had my first is MS episode in 2006. In 2017 I discovered MS-UK through their Wellness Centre in Colchester and it was a revelation to me. It put me on the road to accepting and living with my MS positively, which really improved my mental health hugely. I was suddenly able to access so many helpful services, information, complementary therapies. The Social Group and positive support, as well as meeting other MSers and wonderful people who understand MS in all its guises have become firm friends. This new support network became very important to me in keeping me positive, and when the first coronavirus lockdown came and we weren’t able to meet any more, Vicky, Dean and Alan did some fantastic work to help keep us all as fit and well as possible while staying connected.

As well as Alan’s excellent twice-weekly online exercise classes, Vicky set up regular online group catch-ups for us which have been great in keeping our spirits up, especially through the long lockdowns. She’s now developing these into Peer Pods as part of MS-UK's new Peer Support Service and I’ve volunteered to host my one fortnightly on Tuesday afternoons from 3pm. It’s all about keeping connected and having a good old chat, share experiences, ask questions or just listen and get to know everyone. So grab a tea, coffee or your favourite drink and join me anytime between 3pm and 4pm on alternate Tuesdays. Hope to see you there!

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