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Introducing Shaun, our new Helpline Officer

Hi, I‘m Shaun and I am the most recent addition to the Helpline and Information team here at MS-UK. I am proud to have joined such a wonderful charity, which comprises of great people who have been extremely supportive from day one. Shaun 5.jpg

Being a Helpline and Information Officer for MS-UK is both rewarding and challenging. No single call or contact is the same, from signposting individuals to services relevant to their needs to simply being an emotional outlet, every person that contacts us has requirements unique to themselves. I feel that it is a privilege to be in a position whereby I can provide assistance and support to those affected by multiple sclerosis (MS), a privilege that comes with great responsibility given the trust that the people who contact us afford us. Being affected by MS is a highly personal issue and on occasion clients who call our helpline feel that they have no one else to speak to. These can be the most satisfying of calls to handle as simply being there and listening to them, being that emotional outlet which otherwise they wouldn’t have, can be such a positive and therapeutic experience for them.

For the past 20 years or so, I have worked mainly in customer care and client care management, and I have no previous experience of working for a charity. During my short time at MS-UK I have been pleasantly surprised at the enthusiasm of all of my colleagues. This enthusiasm is infectious and is something that I have rarely encountered during my working life.

Outside of work my passions are my family, cycling, Sheffield United (I was born and raised in Sheffield!) playing football and tennis and trying to keep fit!