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Ibi and Aria for the Big Purple Dog Walk

The Big Purple Dog Walk is our latest virtual fundraising event happening throughout March to raise money for MS-UK. Here, Ibi shares her story about how multiple sclerosis (MS) has impacted her life and why this is the fundraising event for them. 

When I first saw the Big Purple Dog Walk fundraising challenge, I really couldn’t believe how perfect it was for me! I have a dog, I have MS and purple is my favorite colour! I told my family about it and, with much excitement, we signed up our little Aria within minutes. Ibi and Aria.jpg

I was officially diagnosed with MS in 2009, a few months after the birth of my youngest son Daniel. In retrospect though, I started experiencing symptoms many years before, which were exacerbated when my eldest son Jonathan was born in 2005. Unfortunately, during the last 15 years I have deteriorated quite markedly and have had to adjust to the devastating impact MS has had on my physical and mental wellbeing. Sadly, I had to stop working nearly three years ago which is when we decided to finally get a dog. After researching which breeds didn’t need too much exercise, were intelligent and didn’t shed too much – we settled on a Norfolk Terrier and eventually welcomed Aria to our home. 

Aria has helped me adjust to my life at home and has brought so much love and joy into all our lives. The boys take her for her daily walk but, being teenagers, they complain incessantly. That’s when I had the brilliant idea (if I do say so myself) to challenge them with the task of taking her without complaining for the whole month! They are usually very good at helping out and have been registered young carers for the past five years, nonetheless, the Big Purple Dog Walk challenge has given them extra motivation, while raising money for MS-UK.       

So far, we have been blown away by the support we have received from family, friends and even total strangers. They boys ask me every morning “how much have we raised?” and are so determined and driven to carry out the Big Purple Dog Walk fundraising challenge. Aria also looks totally adorable in her MS-UK bandana and gets adoring looks whilst out and about.

Ibi and Aria's fundraising page

If you would like to fundraise for MS-UK with or without your dog, then get in touch today on 01206 226500