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How to get involved in World MS Day

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Once again World MS Day is here and this year the theme is invisible symptoms.

With a predicted 2.3 million people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) worldwide, thousands of organisations and millions of people are set to come together in their local and online communities to raise awareness of the condition.

No two people experience MS in the same way and many of the symptoms, such as fatigue, pain, problems with bladder and bowel, balance, cognition, heat sensitivity, sensory problems, sexual dysfunction, mental health and sensory issues, are often not recognised or noticed because others simply cannot see them.

That’s why MS-UK is taking part in the World MS Day campaign, coordinated by the MS International Federation, to help raise awareness. In addition, we will be running a survey about hidden MS symptoms. The invaluable information you provide will help inform how we raise awareness of hidden symptoms in the future and we want our campaign to be informed by the voices of people affected by MS. Click here to fill out the survey.

We’ve asked MSer and very talented illustrator Jessie Ace to create some illustrations that show how some people experience situations due to hidden symptoms. These illustrations will be shared with you on MS-UK’s Twitter and Facebook pages all day today. Many of you will be able to relate to the images which depict fatigue, pain and bladder and bowel issues. In a bid to raise awareness and educate people we encourage you to share them along with your own experiences to raise awareness and show the general public the not so obvious symptoms of MS. Don’t forget to tag MS-UK and use the official hashtag #MyInvisibleMS

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