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Hi, I’m Klaus

Verity and her dog Klaus are part of #TeamPaws and are raising money for MS-UK with the Big Purple Dog Walk. Find out how you can get involved hereVerity and Cat.jpg

Hi, I'm Klaus. I’m a two-year-old Jack Russell. My mum, Verity adopted me at the end of December. She says I’m going to have a job in her hair studio, The Art House and make lots of new friends. My job will be to meet and greet, provide in-salon entertainment and snoot ‘boops’. Mum’s job is to make beautiful rainbow hair. I haven’t started my new job yet, because the man at Number 10 says we have to stay closed for a while to stop people getting sick. But we didn’t want to get bored, so mum has been teaching me some tricks and how to mind my paws and Qs.

Because of lockdown, I haven’t met many new people yet, but I have a few friends already. I have a friend called Dolly, we haven’t met in-person, but we FaceTime a lot. She’s a salon pup too, but she also has another job. Her job is to take care of her mum, who is called Verity like mine. Verity was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in May last year, after over a year of problems and ‘owies’ that ended up with her going blind in one eye. Dolly came along when Verity started her treatment to help provide emotional support and a fun distraction, she’s a good girl.

I’ve got an aunty Cat too. She’s lovely and has rainbow hair and takes me on nice walks with mum. Her mum, Ann, is poorly with MS too. She’s had it for a number of years, uses a wheelchair and has carers that come to visit. Aunty Cat has spent most of her life helping Ann. It makes me sad that MS stops humans from running, jumping and playing - they’re my favourite things!

My mum helped me out when I needed a human, so I’d like to pay it forward and help some humans. Verity and Dolly.jpg

Aunty Cat told me about the Big Purple Dog Walk, where I get to do cool things to raise money for humans, like Verity and Ann. So, I shouted and did the ‘zoomies’ until mum said we could do it (which didn’t take long). We are trying to raise £500 for MS-UK by the end of March. 

I’m only a little pup, with little legs, so I can’t do a marathon, but I do like walking and I’m a good boy with my tricks. So, I’m doing two things, I’m doing a trick every day of March. That’s 31 tricks in 31 days. Mum is videoing me and putting them on her Facebook and Instagram @verityclarkehair. She said lots of people have written nice comments about me and donated money. Does this mean I’m famous now? 

When you read this, I’ll have started the second half of my challenge too. There’s a statue of a brown terrier in Battersea Park, about 63 miles from our house, called The Brown Dog Statue. If I had fingers, I’d look it up online, but mum says it’s in memory of dogs who were vivisected and that lots of people care about it. I’m a brown terrier too, so I’d like to go and see it and pay my respects. We aren’t allowed to leave Colchester at the moment, so I can’t go for real, but I’m going to pretend. My little legs can’t walk 63 miles all at once, so I’m going to walk three to four miles a day until I get there. Aunty Cat is going to come too!

My snazzy MS-UK bandana came in the post and I get so excited to put it on when mum gets it out of the cupboard. I’m having so much fun learning new tricks, and I’m super looking forward to starting my walking mission. I hope I can do Dolly, Verity, Ann and everyone at MS-UK proud. Anne and Ozzie.jpg

I’m halfway to my £500 goal already, but if you’d like to sponsor me and help me get all the way there, there’s a little website you can visit to donate and check out my progress, click the button below. 

See Klaus' fundraising progress 

Thank you for reading my story. Ooop, got to go, there’s a squirrel in the garden! Bye!