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Have you got a story to share?

Nigel Bartram pic.jpgMSer Nigel Bartram’s on a mission to make people laugh, and he needs YOUR help

I’m Nigel Bartram and I am a bit of a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) physical car crash but, thankfully, I still have my marbles and ability to enjoy life.

I was diagnosed with primary progressive MS in 2009 and the following year, my wife and I were on short cruise when I got into a smuttily funny predicament caused by the MS. You can read about it here 

and so the genesis of an idea was born, how about a funny book about things which have happened to people with MS, precisely because of their MS, albeit often in retrospect?

As well as giving much-needed laughs, maybe it could raise money for MS charities. So I wrote up the first story and found a young artist to illustrate it. The book is titled MS a Funny Thing (well sometimes).   

Later that year, I attended a week-long Overcoming MS retreat, during which I floated the book idea to the two facilitating doctors, one an MSer, a consultant psychiatrist, the other a globally renowned mindfulness authority. They loved it, knowing how every bit of joie de vivre is important for our mental wellbeing. You can read their endorsements on the website. I’m truly delighted that MS-UK are now supporting the endeavour too.

I need your help

N Bartram.jpgAll royalties from the book will go to a small group of MS charities, including MS-UK who have helped me a lot over the years with their brilliant New Pathways magazine. To make the book happen though, I need more funny stuff, which is where you come in! A pound to a penny something funny (or bizarre) has befallen you because of your MS, and I want to hear about it. It could form a story (which I’m very happy to write up for you if you prefer) or a poem. All works will be illustrated by a professional artist. As a bonus

  • MS-UK will receive £50 for each of the first 10 book contributions accepted and
  • If you’re one of the 10, you’ll get a £25 Amazon voucher, or can donate the sum to MS-UK

So please, get scribbling, or just tell me you have an idea. Either way, please email me at If you want to see some of the stories to date, visit

We and those around us need all the laughs we can get and MS-UK needs funds, so let’s make it happen!