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Have you been Naughty or Nice?

So, how has this year gone for you? Have you been extra good and put smiles on everyone’s faces, or have you been more on the naughty side? We want to know if you think you are on Father Christmas’s Naughty or Nice list this year and give you a chance to donate to celebrate your niceness or redeem yourself for being naughty with a donation to MS-UK! Or do you know someone who is worthy of the Nice or Naughty list that you could nominate? It’s up to you!

Whether you donate £1 or £1,000, we hope that you get a lovely warm feeling from knowing that you are helping us to support people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS). Our charity is hard at work improving the lives of people with MS through counselling, our helpline, our wellness centre Josephs Court and through working to increase understanding of MS. MS-UK does not accept any statutory or pharmaceutical funding so that we can stay independent and offer completely unbiased information and support. This means every penny donated really will make a difference to our work.

It’s time to decide – naughty or nice? Tell us how you or someone you would like to nominate has been this year and with a donation, however small or large, their name will be on the MS-UK Nice List this Christmas. Just visit our JustGiving page at

Thank you for everything you do to support us – you make all of our work possible!

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