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Guest blog: “My Dad made me fall in love with the mountains, hiking and skiing”

Jodie Jeffery blog pic 2_2.jpgHi, I'm Jodie Jeffery and I'm taking part in a race or event every month throughout 2019 to raise money for MS-UK! So far in 2019 I have taken part in Ninesprings by Night (a 5k multi-terrain night race), Hyde Park 10k and the Bath Half Marathon!

My Dad was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) about 15 years ago and he has gradually become less and less able to take part in activities with my sister and I. My Dad made me fall in love with the mountains, hiking and skiing, and it breaks my heart telling him about my trips and showing him photos because I know he misses it so much.

My Uncle actually took part in nine triathlons in the summer of 2018 to raise money for MS-UK, so I decided to push myself and raise money for this charity too, having heard how much good they do.

So my next quarter's challenges are an aquathlon, a triathlon and the Great North Swim! I'm not the fittest human and I'm pretty lazy, so motivating myself to do even half the training I should has been tough, but so far I'm pulling through alright. I'm also the world's clumsiest person. I've got a titanium ankle and I broke my foot a week before the Bath Half Marathon three years ago, so touch wood I can stay in one piece for this year's events!

I am so excited to take part in new challenges like the triathlon. I also plan to do some bake sales and a quiz to raise even further funds. I've set myself a target of £500 and I'm 33% there, so if you would like to contribute to my efforts it would be greatly appreciated, just visit my JustGiving page here.