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Give a Peer Pod a go!

As part of MS-UK's Online services, we have developed the Peer Support Service. Within this, there's several Peer Pods and each of them are hosted by someone living with multiple sclerosis. There's ones for specific interests and hobbies, and a general one where you can meet people in a similar situation who understand MS and the challenges it can bring. This blog is from one of our Peer Pod members. If you fancy taking part in one, click hereLWphoto.jpg

I stumbled across the MS-UK website and the Peer Pods almost by accident and I thought why not give them a try? I am so glad I did, it has opened a whole new world to me, there are other people out there with MS who just get it. 

The Peer Pods and the virtual friends I have made attending have been a great support to me as I was only diagnosed with RRMS in March 2021, after previously being diagnosed with CIS in 2014. The Peer Pods are a great space to talk not only about symptoms and treatments but mostly about other areas of interest such as TV, podcasts, craft and nature. 

One of the members of the Peer Pod has also offered to buddy up with me so I can contact him anytime about the weird and wonderful symptoms and get support and advice. This has been a great comfort blanket.

The Pods include a great mix of people of all ages, with different types of MS including those that have been living with MS for several years. Everyone is made to feel welcome.

Some of Peer Pods also have WhatsApp groups which are great way to keep in touch and offer help and support to each other. After being widowed in January the group are always there to offer a word of comfort and support which I have found invaluable.

This has all resulted in volunteering to be an MS-UK VIP as I want to give something back to the charity that has helped me so much. In short giving the Peer Pods a try has given me such much and whole new group of friends that I hope will be around for a very long time.