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Getting a carer’s assessment

carer.jpgFor Carers Week 2021, we look at how to get a carer’s assessment to see if you are entitled to any support

If you’re an unpaid carer looking after a loved one or friend with multiple sclerosis (MS), the good news is, there may be support available. It’s a good idea to find out what you are entitled to.

There may be support groups and services near to you to help. Start by contacting your local council at who will also be able to arrange for you to have a carer’s assessment.

For this, the council’s social services department will assess your situation to find out if you need any help with the role, anyone who provides a substantial amount of care for someone is entitled to an assessment.

You could be given various forms of support, including information on local support groups, equipment to help you care, respite care in order for you to have a break, and you may even be entitled to a personal budget to cover the cost of some of the needs you have in your role.

You could get help with gardening or housework, help with taxi fares if you don’t drive, advice about benefits, and training.

You only need to call your local council and ask for an assessment. Before the meeting, it’s a good idea to consider how your role as carer is impacting the rest of your life. For example,

Are you getting enough sleep?

Can you get out alone and do essential tasks?

Are you managing to eat well?

Can you cope with your other family commitments as well as your care role?

Is it difficult to juggle your work and caring?

Has caring impacted on your hobbies or socialising?

Once the assessment is done, you will receive a letter listing any support you are able to get, and who to get it from.