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Fundraisers of the Month - Lily and Amelia Smith

Vicki Smith 1.jpgHello we’re Lily (eight-years-old) and Amelia (six-years-old) Smith. We recently completed the Westminster Mile to raise money for MS-UK because our mummy has multiple sclerosis (MS) and we wanted to help those affected by it. Mummy and daddy have previously raised money for MS-UK by completing the Virgin Money London Marathon and we wanted to do the same but we're a bit too young to do a marathon. So when daddy told us about the Vitality Westminster Mile we wanted to do it, both to help raise money and get a big medal at the end!

On the day it was very hot and sunny, and this made running very difficult. We had to drink lots of water to stay hydrated. The course itself was very flat but difficult for our little legs, but we kept going to the end, even sprinting the finish! The best bit about the day was getting the medals at the end. We wore them for the rest of the day, even when we went to Covent Garden with our daddy. We got to race with Mo Farah, and Amelia was luckily enough to get a picture with him! Amelia finished the Vitality Westminster Mile in 11 minutes and 51 seconds, and Lily in 13 minutes and 21 seconds.

We raised approximately £350, exceeding our target of £100, and fingers crossed there will be some more to come. If you would like to donate to us then you can visit our fundraising page.

I hope you enjoyed our post. Keep an eye out for us in the future, we hope to make the Olympics one day!

Lily and Amelia Smith.