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Could your back do with a hug?

Declan McLaughlin explains why BackHug picked MS-UK as their charity partner, and how their product is like having your own physiotherapist  

Our relationship with the MS community goes back to 2013, when MS-UK’s New Pathways magazine editor at the time Judy Graham got in touch with our founder Chongsu Lee, then a practising physiotherapist. Judy discovered Chongsu’s work with people living with MS in a Sunday Times article in which Alison Peebles, a Scottish actress with primary progressive MS who starred in Taggart and River City, shared how her MS symptoms benefited from Chongsu’s treatment. New Pathways’ October 2013 edition featured Chongsu’s physiotherapy work with MS patients.

We know many people with multiple sclerosis (MS) appreciate MS-UK’s support, particularly New Pathways magazine’s open-minded approach to tackling the condition. Every MS patient is unique and, by featuring a wide variety of treatment methods, New Pathways allows each individual reader to make an informed choice about what’s right for them.

Chongsu’s manual physiotherapy focused on releasing tension from the centre of the back. Using his engineering skills, he then went on to create a robotic device which replicated that manual technique.


Around 40 units of this first version were released in 2017, just before Christmas. Since then, Chongsu and his team continued to gather feedback from users and innovate the product. The second version is about to be delivered to a select few in Edinburgh.

To coincide with this BackHug product launch, the team were eager to donate some of their revenue to MS-UK, in homage to our roots.

For every BackHug subscription, £50 will be donated to MS-UK over the next 12 months. 

What is BackHug?

BackHug is a smart back care device with 28 robotic fingers that you can operate on your smartphone via Bluetooth with our App. It is designed to release tension in the centre of your back and shoulder blades.

When you lie down on your back on the device, the robotic fingers rise and accommodate your back curvature, offering you personalised treatment. The leg rest rises automatically to flatten your back and relax your body.

You can use the App to change strength levels, treatment area and flow. We also plan a 1-1 chatbot consultation, offering individually tailored treatment programmes on the device based on your specific needs and software to monitor your back tension.

*BackHug is classed as an electrical appliance, not as a medical device. It does not claim any medical benefits for any medical conditions.